SF – The Millennial Generation’s Work/Life Fusion and How It Will Affect Us All

Date and Time: January 25, 2018 5.30 PM PST

Speakers: Ting Kelly and Carson Linforth Bowley

This month we’re looking at innovation happening not in a field, but a scene that most people don’t know about. San Francisco has many examples of physical buildings, often old homes, that provide both work and living spaces for groups of people who are collaborating together and want to fuse these two sides of their lives. These collectives provide the environment for extremely immersive experiences that often accelerate innovation and lead to very productive work sessions, as well as good times.

Ting Kelly (daughter of tech guru Kevin Kelly) and Carson Linforth Bowley will lead a conversation about how members of these collectives thrive together and how Millennials more broadly are changing the balance between work and life.