SF – Practical Policy Plans for Solving Climate Change Now

Date: November 28, 2018

Time: 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM PST

Speaker: Hal Harvey, CEO of Energy Innovation

Almost two years ago environmentalist Paul Hawken used a What’s Now: San Francisco event to launch Project Drawdown that identified 100 of the best ways to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and start to reverse global warming. In our November 28th What’s Now event, energy expert Hal Harvey takes the next step by laying out the best policies that could be enacted right now to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deal with climate change. Harvey, CEO of Energy Innovation, is one of the field’s most respected thought leaders who is known for giving practical, realistic advice about climate policy to government officials, cities, states, utilities, and energy-conscious businesses. He now is co-author of the new book Designing Climate Solutions which outlines 10 important policies in all the key areas impacting climate – how to transform the electric grid, transportation systems, building efficiencies and land use, among others.

Now that America and the world are getting beyond the debate about whether climate change exists, we are entering an even more complicated conversation about what exactly to do about it. Few people are as well positioned to lead that conversation than Hal Harvey. He spent a decade as founder and CEO of the Energy Foundation, a philanthropy supporting policy solutions that advance renewable energy and energy efficiency. He then helped establish Energy Foundation China, the European Climate Foundation, and the Indian Sustainable Energy Foundation. Just this year he was honored with the United Nations’ Clean Air and Climate Change Award. He will use our What’s Now to give us a presentation of what he has learned over the years and distilled in his book, including some clear do’s and don’t.

One of his biggest pieces of advice is don’t wait for government bodies to eventually force everyone to act. Focus on being the first to take advantage of the huge opportunities opening up. We expect to have representatives from the utilities sector at the gathering and so we’ll look closely at how to accelerate decarbonizing the grid and electrifying everything. Harvey argues utilities will need to become more like energy services rather than energy producers rewarded by how much capital they invest. But, as always, we expect our conversation with those gathered will bring up other points of view. Join us to find out.

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