SF – Just for You: 3D-Printed Tissues & Other Biotech Wonders

Date/Time: May 24, 2017

Speaker: Andrew Hessel, Distinguished Research Scientist, Autodesk Life Sciences

New biomedical technologies are on the cusp of dramatically impacting not only healthcare and how we treat disease, but life itself. Visionary biologist, Andrew Hessel, spoke at our May What’s Now: San Francisco session exploring the extraordinary potential—and potential drawbacks—of gene editing and 3D printing in the field of biotech. Scientists talk about the possibility of designing humans and other organisms in the near future – for better or for worse – as humans gain god-like powers to essentially self-evolve. If this sounds like science fiction, it is—but probably not for long. Serious scientists like Andrew Hessel are working to make these and other eye-popping new technologies real.