SF – How the Tech World is now Transforming the Sports World

Date and Time: July 18, 2018; 6.30 PM PT

Speaker: Chris Kelly – CEO of Organizer, Former Chief Privacy Officer of Facebook

The NBA, more than any other professional sports league, has attracted owners from the tech world, built super high-tech stadiums, and adopted big-data analytics and other innovative technology tools to run the business. Our July What’s Now: San Francisco, done in partnership with Capgemini at their Applied Innovation Exchange, will feature Chris Kelly, one of the major owners who bought the Kings in 2013 and who now sits on the Executive Board. Chris was Facebook’s first Chief Privacy Officer, first General Counsel, and Head of Global Public Policy who helped take the startup from its college roots to one of the most successful companies in the world.

How are technology and innovative management techniques changing the NBA and all professional sports? The Bay Area has been a hotbed of pioneering new approaches, from the San Francisco Giants use of dynamic pricing to fill its stadium to the Oakland A’s use of computer analytics to find great players on the cheap – made famous in the movie Moneyball. What can we expect next? Join us and find out.