SF – A Positive Vision of the Future of Work

Date and Time: March 28, 2018 5.30 PM PST

Speaker: Marco Zappacosta

What the world needs now is a positive vision of the future of work. We’ve got plenty of dystopian visions of the rise of the robots, the race to the bottom of globalization, and the loss of myriad jobs on the horizon. Marco Zappacosta, the young co-founder and CEO of Thumbtack thinks we now need more positive thinking about how the next economy could work better for everyone.

Marco and his team have been collecting all kinds of data that help explain how the economy and nature of work has evolved over the last several decades and where the trendlines are pointing. He has developed a stunning presentation that he will lay out at the next What’s Now: San Francisco in the hopes that it will stimulate a deeper conversation with those we will gather from inside the sharing and gig economies, as well as those from other fields.

Join us for an important conversation and an entertaining evening – or watch the livestream from afar.