ScaleUp FAQ’s

  1. What is in it for the ScaleUp to join the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification Program?
    The qualification program provides an opportunity for the ScaleUps to gain credibility and visibility towards large corporate thanks to the qualification level the ScaleUp receives from Capgemini. The ScaleUp can use this qualification rating to promote their maturity stage.
  1. How much time will I need to invest to go through the qualification process?
    Representatives from a ScaleUp will need to invest overall less than 10 hours throughout the evaluation process. The expected time to go through the qualification process from the start of registration is 30 days.
  1. What are the various steps involved in the qualification process?
    There are 4 steps involved in evaluating a ScaleUp:
  • Step 1: Web-scraping: Aims to obtain a “market sentiment” about the ScaleUp. Positive customer feedback, great website, and solid track record deliver a positive sentiment, while unhappy customers, lack of information, and dearth of solid business traction will yield a negative sentiment. This step does not require any involvement from the ScaleUp.
  • Step 2: Self-declaration: The ScaleUp is invited to answer a detailed questionnaire and review the answers obtained through web-scraping. The ScaleUp may either confirm/modify the data collected or add missing information. The questionnaire could take up to two hours to be completed.
  • Step 3: Interviews with Subject Matter Experts from Capgemini: the ScaleUp will have 4 in-depth interviews with subject matter experts from Capgemini: Business, Technology, People, and Privacy experts. Their role is to qualify the ScaleUp’s answers in relation to the business opportunity, the scalability and cybersecurity of the platform, as well as the team dynamics. Each interview will take one hour.
  • Step 4: Client Satisfaction Assessment: and one Capgemini expert will interview at least two clients of the ScaleUp to assess the overall client satisfaction (through a Net Promoter Score approach). The ScaleUp will provide the contact details of the client. This step does not require any involvement from the ScaleUp.
  1. What are the various parameters on which a ScaleUp is evaluated?
    The ScaleUp will be evaluated on close to 100 parameters across the four pillars of People, Finance, Business, and Technology, and their sub-categories, as shown below:

  1. How can a ScaleUp apply for the qualification?
    A ScaleUp can be identified for qualification by one of the following methods:
  • The ScaleUp accesses the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification portal and applies for the evaluation
  • The ScaleUp is suggested by a client
  • The ScaleUp is suggested by a Capgemini employee
  1. How much time does it take from start of portal registration by a ScaleUp till the time it is qualified?
    The expected timeframe to complete the evaluation process (registration to qualification) is 30 days.
  1. On improving my processes can I get a better qualification rating if I reapply?
    On a yearly basis, ScaleUps will be requalified Based on the new assessment the qualification level may accordingly be updated.
  1. What services can a registered ScaleUp avail?
    By registering with the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification Program, ScaleUps can get global visibility through Capgemini website. They have gained the ability to be known by Capgemini clients and Capgemini sales force partner with large enterprises, now having gained credibility through the program.
  1. What is the scoring methodology adopted?
    The scores are assigned based on 4 basic pillars: People, Finance, Business, and Technology. Some 100 parameters assigned across these 4 pillars are assessed and scored. These scores are combined with the scores from the interview rounds and the client feedback to arrive at a final score.
  1. What are the parameters considered for scoring under the “People” category?
    • Core team’s profile, previous achievements, and understanding of the market
    • How convincing and effective the elevator pitch is
    • Diversity and skillsets of the employees
    • Team Dynamics
  1. What are the parameters considered for scoring under the “Finance” category?
    The ScaleUp’s financial score is decided on the following parameters:
  • Revenue – Value and Growth
  • Funding – Funds raised, investors, future funding rounds
  • Burn rate
  1. What are the parameters considered for scoring under the “Business” category?
    The business traction of the ScaleUp is evaluated on:
  • Opportunity size (market size, market share, competition)
  • Customers (Repeat order rate, NPS, Growth rate)
  • Years of existence
  1. What are the parameters considered for scoring under the “Technology” category?
    Technology is evaluated on the following parameters-
  • Cybersecurity
  • Connectivity to network
  • Scalability
  • GDPR compliance