Rewards for startups

The top six start-ups will be announced in April. The top two winners, one in each theme – Performance and Experience – will be chosen at VivaTech, Paris.



Developing and testing of a product or solution in a real environment.


Global Events

The top six start-ups will have an opportunity to attend VivaTech, Paris. Two winners will then attend an innovation event in San Francisco.



Access to Capgemini’s global network of Applied Innovation Exchange experts.


Media Exposure

Scrum7 will be broadcast globally on social and digital platforms.



Scrum7 gives start-ups an opportunity to become a Capgemini partner.



Opportunity to meet and network with industry leaders and technology executives.


Cash Reward

The top six start-ups will receive $7000 USD each on the completion and demonstration of MVP. The top two winners receive another $7000 USD.


Rugby 7s World Cup

The top two winners will attend the world cup in San Francisco