Developing proof points (or failing fast)

> rapid development, testing, and iteration  

Despite heavy investment, most organizations struggle to gain full value for their innovative efforts. All the more reason to establish proof points for promising opportunities. If your organization is thinking big it must start with small, quick dev cycles to de-risk larger future investments. You must rapidly demonstrate that you can shape ideas and insights into business models, prototypes, and technical architectures that work.

Unlike utilizing internal resources that may not have the bandwidth or specific expertise, Capgemini’s Proof of Value service gives you the turnkey capability to build, test, and iterate low-fidelity assets, or prototypes, in the safety of a non-production environment. Underpinning all this is the Applied Innovation Exchange that specializes in software development sprints to experiment and validate the project’s inherent value.

A typical exercise takes four to eight weeks to confirm or refute your premise, features, and experience. This creates tangible scenarios that conceptualize the path ahead. With access to talent and burst resourcing—which you may not have in critical areas of emerging technology—the Proof of Service quickly verifies the value and provides clarity for your next move.