Proficiency Adoption


A set of services that helps you to install the Innovation Culture in your own organization to drive sustainable value

Applied Innovation as a Service
Gain a modular subscription service across the AIE product portfolio to accelerate and sustain innovation value (e.g., Discovery, Fundamentals, Proof-of-Value, Hackathons, etc.)

Innovation Capability/Co-zone Creation
3-6 month engagement to help you build an in-house innovation proficiency and ongoing capability to generate sustainable value from innovation.

Innovation Residency Program
Applied Innovation immersion program where 2+ of your high-potential employees co-locate and co-innovate with us at our AIE to translate innovation proficiency and adoption back to the enterprise.

Innovation Coach
Our innovation coaches, available through a subscription model, can be your guide, sparring partner, or simply a fresh pair of eyes as your build your roadmap and understand your innovation health score