Pension and Insurance

Implementing a unified omni-channel IT platform to enable unemployed people to receive financial aid in a consistent and efficient way.

Pension and Insurance agencies within government are known by different names around the world, but the function they perform is the same – to collect monies from citizens whilst in paid work to fund a pension payment after retirement.

For one EU government organization, which supported some 3.5 million members – across 28 different funds – ensuring an efficient, user-friendly service to members requiring unemployment benefits was a strategic imperative.

The organization recognized that unemployed members could feel insecure and vulnerable, but their stress would be reduced with secure, efficient processing of information enabled by digitization.

Using case management by Pega, the agency unified all 28 insurance funds under a single, consistent IT platform, enabling reuse, consistency, and individual fund branding. Funds now leverage common processes and data, and yet can still access specialized functionality for each fund’s unique needs.

The result is faster case resolution and better citizen service for those in need. As part of the transformation, the agency moved from paper processes to a digital, web-based self-service model. Caseworkers reduced their case resolution time from weeks to minutes – this has seen online member usage increase from 65% to 79%. The significant decrease in processing time has also freed up the case managers to provide better, more efficient service to members – giving them more time to spend with those members who really need it.

Members also expect to interact with government through the channel of their choosing – whether smartphones, tablets. This is now possible – and, at the same time, the government agency has a complete picture of the end-to-end member journey, which means there is a 360-degree view into the interactions of each member and case manager engagement.

The result? Happy citizens. CSS has enabled a citizen-centric approach to better support members, while optimizing funds allocation and management.

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