Building an action plan

> expose new opportunities and assure a catalyst for change

Raising the average innovation maturity within any organization requires a concerted effort to tackle the weakest links and to leverage the strongest opportunities. Most importantly, it will take strong, committed, and determined leadership to shift the innovation mindset. So how can you maximize value from your innovation efforts?

For any organization that looks to address market threats, harness emerging technology, and pressure-test strategic investments, the Opportunity Definition & Hypothesis service provides a rigorous and immersive exploration and exchange of ideas to advance the action plan.

More than just an executive briefing session that provides “innovation tourism,” the exercise systematically and thoroughly defines your innovation opportunity and tests it relentlessly. Through this process you will precipitate the salient problem statements to discover new landscapes. You will improve your aptitude and literacy in your focus area culminating with a catalyst to accelerate your chosen innovation outcomes. Ultimately, clients typically report that they have discovered a pragmatic path for innovation that improves time-to-value and reduces risk.

Be warned; this service will provoke and expose new opportunities from both internal and external perspectives! Customers that have previously grappled with their innovation initiatives have greatly benefitted from this discovery phase. After a one- or two-day intense process and associated preparation, organizations feel ready to address the most disruptive market forces. And what is more, the Capgemini support team is mobilized to quickly advance to the next stage—applying those specific initiatives and proof-of-concepts that can create value in particular areas of interest.

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