NYC – The Next Big Media Reinvention and its Importance to the World


Date: January 30, 2018

Time: 6:30pm EST

Speaker: June Cohen (CEO & Cofounder of WaitWhat)

“June Cohen invented TED Talks and scaled their views to 100 million a year. Deron Triff then took TED Talks to 100 million views a month and 1 billion views a year. The two of them are now co-founders in a first-of-its-kind content incubator in New York that’s all about inventing new forms of media, launching them into the world and bringing the audiences to scale—like what they did at TED. The media world is certainly overdue for another round of invention. The industry has never been so fractured and once again is under mounting stress—in many ways mirroring what surrounds it, both in America and the world at large. June and Deron think that any innovation in the media world that finds better ways to connect with people and bring them together would be good for the world at large too. In other words, media innovation is not just about media, but also about changing the world for the better.

This month’s What’s Now: New York session will focus on innovation in media, one of the region’s most influential industries. June and Deron are the perfect people to start the conversation with other media folks in the room as well as innovators from other fields. They see much of the remaining legacy media, like cable television, as working from top-down models that replicate and amplify bad news. June and Deron champion more bottom-up approaches that appeal to the Better Angels of Ourselves and foster curiosity, wonder, mastery, and awe. That is the kind of content that people really connect to and share. At What’s Now, June and Deron will talk about some of the new projects they are working on in their company WaitWhat, like their Masters of Scale podcast, hosted by LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman, which is now morphing into different media forms. They also want to talk about how the changing form and role of media could help lead the country forward and out of these difficult times. Given New York’s centrality in the media world, we expect a spirited discussion among those who attend.”