NYC – How Machine Learning will accelerate Innovation in New Ways

Date: August 7, 2018

Time: 6.30 PM EDT

Speaker: Brian Sager, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO & Co-Founder of Omnity

First the good news: the world is going through an explosion of knowledge in pretty much every industry and field. Every day 10,000 new scientific papers are published, just in English, to give just one example. Now the bad news: No human being in any field can possibly keep up with all that new knowledge production. Most authors are aware of less than 1 percent of information related to their topic. Here’s the even worse news: Most innovation comes from connecting up insights across multiple fields. But now for the really good news: Artificial Intelligence has arrived just in time to augment our human brains and help us master that explosion of knowledge and consequently accelerate innovation in every industry and every field.

Sounds too good to be true? Come to the next What’s Now: New York, done in partnership with Capgemini at their Applied Innovation Exchange, and hear serial entrepreneur Brian Sager explain what Artificial Intelligence is capable of right now and lay out the good news implications for fields from finance to pharma, from medicine to law. Sager is a polymath with experience in biotech, clean energy, and now machine learning. His latest company, Omnity, is taking advantage of the latest developments in machine learning to create next generation search. They are five years into development and currently working with top companies in pharma, finance and law, among others. Sager will talk about the general state of play in the field and what that means for any business or organization pursuing innovation in any field. All of us have a stake in accelerating more innovation to solve the many challenges that the world faces right now. Ideally, step one would be to quickly establish what’s already known about any particular problem in a field, searching across all languages and countries around the world. Step two would be to connect up any of the world’s 200 million knowledge workers with knowledge or expertise related to solving that particular problem. Fortunately AI has reached the point where it can now routinely help us solve those two daunting tasks. Get ready for the rush of innovation to come.