NYC – From Today’s Traffic Congestion to the Future of Urban Mobility


Date: September 24, 2018

Time: 6.30 PM EDT

Speaker: Robin Chase, Co-Founder of ZipCar and Lead – New Urban Mobility Alliance

Traffic congestion in New York City is bad, but it soon could be much better. Really. Take it from Robin Chase, the co-founder of Zipcar who now leads NUMo, the New Urban Mobility Alliance, our featured guest at September’s What’s Now: New York. One way to understand the current urban mobility problem in New York City and many cities around the world is to see our transportation system trapped between two paradigms. The old paradigm was organized for the last century around personal cars, while the new paradigm that’s emerging will be based on shared modalities, newly easy and convenient because of  technology. Ranging from so-called TNCs (Transportation Network Companies) like Uber to autonomous vehicles and even electric scooters, Chase argues that we’re still trapped in the old paradigm’s infrastructure of things like curb-side parking and have not shifted our sights to the infrastructure that will be needed to make the new paradigm work much better for everyone, including more sustainable and livable cities. This impending transportation shift will have huge implications not only for those who live and work in cities, but also whole sectors like real estate, retail, and government taxation. For example, cities currently devote roughly one-third of all space to cars or places to park them. What happens when much of that space gets liberated?

Chase is the perfect person to lead us in a conversation of the root causes of today’s congestion, who is really at fault, and how to ultimately solve it. In 2017 the Urban Land Institute awarded her the J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development for her lifetime of work. Zipcar, which she co-founded in 2000 and led as CEO for many years, was one of the first pioneers in carsharing and is still the largest car-sharing company in the world. Her latest venture is leading the New Urban Mobility Alliance, housed in the World Resource Institute’s Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, named after its major benefactor, Stephen M. Ross, the prominent New York City developer. NUMo is out to move the conversation forward on how to channel the tech-driven disruption to make cities more livable – starting with alleviating our current traffic congestion. Join us for our timely event, which kicks off New York City’s Climate Week, and get better positioned for the transportation transition that lies ahead.

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