More of our success stories

Testing secure log-in via drivers license

Capgemini worked with the Dutch tax authority to explore the possibility of creating a secure system log-in for users, activated by the NFC chip in Dutch drivers licenses. We created and tested a proof of concept in 6 weeks, leading to a planned roll-out of the solution in 2022.

From hackathon to IoT meeting room solution

Based on an idea conceived in an AIE hackathon, Capgemini Real Estate Services and the Netherlands AIE developed a low-cost IoT sensor and plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, to monitor meeting room use. Rapidly created and tested in the Netherlands, the solution is now being rolled out in Sweden and North America.

Transforming satellite assembly with Augmented Reality

Capgemini helped France’s Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales to improve a complex process by prototyping a digital tool that helps manufacturing teams identify and assemble components, using AR to compare what has been built with design authority specifications. Partnering with AR start-up Diota, Capgemini’s AIE built and tested the MVP within weeks.

Bringing Design Thinking to a B2B portal

Capgemini’s Münich AIE brought invaluable Design Thinking tools and processes to the table when helping BSH Home Appliances create a new retailer portal that would deliver outstanding user experience. In a series of sprints, the portal was ideated, rapidly prototyped, tested and iterated—integrating user and management feedback each time.