Lens 7: Insights in business

Deliver insights that change the business and bring genuine value

To equip the business with insights that lead to the outcomes it needs, this lens offers you:

  • Ways to improve value creation through insights to deliver increased customer and company value
  • Ready-to-deploy solutions for workforce performance, workforce modeling, and people management
  • The ability to optimize employee productivity, consolidating knowledge and recommending the best solution or action
  • An AI-based digital manufacturing platform for smart factory and manufacturing operations management
  • A library of industry-specific and ready-to-deploy insight solutions delivered as-a-Service

Tools supporting this lens include:

  • Customer Value Insights: Enabling democratization of marketing analytics to improve brand value and connect with consumers in a scalable, efficient way
  • People And Talent Insights: Addressing all HR processes, from hiring to people development, retention, administration, and compliance
  • Knowledge Insights Services: Advanced cognitive solution for knowledge engineering to enhance employee productivity
  • Manufacturing Intelligence: Actionable insights that enable you to move from isolated shop floor fixes to responsive manufacturing
  • Sector Insights: A sector-specific insights catalog to change the business and create real value