Lens 6: Trust by design

Manage corporate trust – the most valuable currency for the insights-driven enterprise – with built-in data privacy, security, and ethics

The single most valuable currency for the digital, insights-driven enterprise is Trust. It needs to be managed as a profit & loss balance, with even more passion than for corporate finance. Data privacy, security, and ethics should be part of all solutions, by design. This not only ensures full regulatory compliance but also enables corporate responsibility, better customer relationships, and a fluent connect between humans and AI.

To help you manage trust as a vital profit & loss balance, this lens offers:

  • Impact assessment with consideration of governance, policy, business process, and more
  • A method of discovering and protecting sensitive information to comply with regulatory guidelines
  • A metadata-driven framework with a cost-effective approach to persistent data masking dynamics and principles
  • A full-spectrum set of services for GDPR-compliance and maximized customer benefits
  • Sector-specific compliance services, for example addressing the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) in banking

Tools supporting this lens include:

  • PRIVACY IMPACT ASSESSMENT: Finding, understanding, and protecting sensitive information to comply with regulatory guidelines
  • SENSITIVE DATA DISCOVERY: A framework to discover and protect sensitive information
  • DATA ANONYMIZATION: Obtain complete, good-quality, and secure copies of production databases for development and testing environments
  • GDPR END-TO-END SERVICES: Go beyond compliance to inspire and differentiate
  • INDUSTRY & DOMAIN COMPLIANCE SERVICES: Real-time monitoring and analysis to help prepare for the unexpected, while complying with regulatory requirements