Lens 5: Circle of innovation

Establish a continuous cycle of insight-driven innovation that gives you the radical power to innovate and disrupt

Insights provide radical power to innovate and disrupt. The network of technology providers, partners, business leaders, and other key stakeholders must be activated and involved. Inspiration comes from unexpected places, not just from the industry’s best-in-class. Getting hands-on for early results and learning is key. And innovation never stops, there’s always a next sprint around the corner.

To help you achieve continuous innovation that brings early, lasting results, this lens helps you:

  • Kickstart your innovation with our catalog of tested, ready-to-implement innovation solutions
  • Benefit from a dedicated, next-gen environment to quickly build analytics and AI proofs of concept and minimal viable products
  • Discover, devise, and deploy AI, analytics, and more with help from our global network of innovation centers.

Tools supporting this lens include:

  • INDUSTRY AND DOMAIN INNOVATIONS: Kickstart innovation with a catalog of selected and tested ready-to-implement innovation solutions
  • APPLIED INSIGHTS FOUNDRY: Providing the repeatable IP required to be responsive in the market, so you benefit from established value and accelerated deployment
  • APPLIED INNOVATION EXCHANGE: A global network of innovation centers for rapidly discovering and deploying cutting-edge analytics and AI technologies