Lens 3: Governance by Crowd

Harvest insight-driven governance as a joint effort by business and IT, recognizing data as the key asset for going digital

To help you create a high-performance information governance blueprint, this lens gives you:

  • Either QuickStart Information Governance or Active Data Governance, building on client maturity and dynamics
  • Master data solutions for a full grip on key data assets, securing operational efficiency and manageability
  • Tools for managing metadata, data optimization, data rationalization. and more, adding up to a robust foundation for enterprise data foundation
  • Cost-effective yet completely customizable Data Quality-as-a-Service

Tools supporting this lens include:

  • Information Governance: Quick start with a pragmatic, business benefits-oriented framework developed from hundreds of IG programs
  • Master Management: Optimize business-to-consumer interactions and increase productivity by providing all customer touchpoints
  • Data Management: Ensure high value from organizational data assets that can build the connection between you and customers
  • Data Quality: A cost effective customizable solution delivered as-a-Service