Lens 2: Engineered for DatOps

Build an insights platform that maximizes automation to provide a highly robust flow from data sources to business operations

To help you achieve continuous delivery of insights to the business, this lens gives you:

  • Industry data models, agile tools, and advanced visualization for next-gen BI
  • Rapid migration to a cloud-native or on-premise next-gen data foundation
  • The ability to pivot to self-service, business-enabled insight platform services
  • One-touch integration powering a data foundation for the digital age

Tools supporting this lens include:

  • Bi Modernisation: Take full advantage of cloud, open source technologies, advanced visualization tools, automation, and self-service platforms
  • New Data Landscape: Simplify the landscape in innovate ways that enable business transformation
  • Insights Platform As-a-Service: Accelerate time to value through a collaborative, self-service, business-focused offering
  • Intelligent Integration: Ingest big data (volume, variety, velocity) – in hours rather than days