Large corporate FAQ’s

  1. How can large corporates benefit from the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification Program?
  • There are a huge number of Fintechs operating in the market currently. Large corporates benefit from the program by getting a pool of short-listed Fintechs which increases the probability of success of the partnership
  1. What post-collaboration services are offered by Capgemini?
    Capgemini offers the following services to large corporate that have registered through the portal:
  • Innovation-as-a-Service with a ScaleUp: Consulting services to identify the business need, define the best ScaleUp match and facilitate the collaboration (Diagnose, Scout & Design, Orchestrate and Industrialize) to maximize collaboration effectiveness to speed up disruptive innovation.

  1. Does Capgemini assume financial or legal liability in case of failure of the partnership?
    Capgemini does not assume any financial or legal liability in case of non-performance of the partnership between ScaleUp and client.
    The qualification program aims to provide a structured initial impression about the ScaleUp based on the information provided.
  1. Can Large corporate suggest ScaleUps to be evaluated?
    Registered users can suggest the ScaleUp by providing the following details:
  • ScaleUp Name
  • Website
  • Contact Information

Suggested ScaleUp option can be seen in the profile of the registered user.