KeepSmallStrong offers strategic guidance and also helps promote small businesses on their website and social media channels.

How did your initiative to help small businesses get started?

Richard Lyons, CEO & President at Lyons Consulting Group, a Capgemini company, and Adam Grohs, Founder at agnoStack: “We reached out to a handful of close friends, former colleagues, and former competitors, sharing the message that if we could get five volunteers from here and five volunteers from there, imagine the industry collective of support we could provide. Within 24 hours we had about a dozen people across different companies involved, and within 48 hours we had almost two dozen!

“Every one of us has fiercely competed for work against each other through the years, but we all wanted to do something to help the small businesses we all love to survive. We worked tirelessly, through the night, for a couple of days to launch KeepSmallStrong as fast as humanly possible.

Carolina Morea, L’Artisane Creative Bakery, US
Carolina Morea, L’Artisane Creative Bakery, US

“One of our success stories is a bakery in Miami. We got them up and running with a new website to sell online, plus the ability to do nationwide fulfillment for the first time. In their first weeks online, they did around 300 orders. Within a couple of weeks, they were running so many orders online that they had to bring back their entire staff. They’ve since reopened the bakery and may even need to expand to a larger facility.

“It’s been an incredible, collective effort. We’re just happy to be part of this, it’s really been amazing seeing everyone come together.”