Facilitating faster case management to ensure a more effective, less costly and more responsive justice system for the people, the courts and the police.

The judicial system – via justice agencies – interprets laws and applies them to fairly, impartially, and in a timely manner resolve disputes and set appropriate punishment.

Leading Justice agencies across the globe are investing in case management to help them better manage each case and reduce costs by re-using processes across the whole system.

A US Court wanted to provide its citizens with a fairer criminal justice process, but also streamline the justice process for police and court administrators.

Its solution was to digitally transform the court case management system. This included the development of a United Complaint Entry (UCE) system. The system automatically manages each case from initial entry, through to resolution; the entire lifecycle of the case. Case management by Pega, allowed the Court to execute business rules, automate business processes, and manage the lifecycle of a case to ensure the efficient and accurate flow of information to all judicial parties – be it the people (including victims and witnesses of crime and defendants accused of crimes) businesses, the courts, or the police.

This streamlined process permits the defendants right to a speedy trail, at the same time reducing tax payer costs through decreased incarceration expenses.

The results were dramatic: an 89% reduction in defendant processing time―from three hours to only 20 minutes; 87% increase in efficiency to enter a complaint; $5 million+ in savings from reusing functionality across the courts (equating to a 10% saving); 96% reduction in cost through electronic defendant monitoring; and 40,000 law enforcement personnel empowered with mobile complaint entry.

The result? Better, more efficient justice for all, from the judiciary, through complainants, to the defendant.

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