Interviews with Capgemini Subject Matter Experts FAQ’s

  1. What is the Interview with Capgemini Subject Matter Experts for?
    The ScaleUp will be evaluated across 4 main pillars: People, Finance, Business, and Technology.While we will not interview the ScaleUp on its Financial situation, 4 Capgemini’s Subject Matter Experts will interview the ScaleUp management on four topics to evaluate the maturity of the Scaleup:
  • People
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Privacy and GDPR
  1. Who from the ScaleUp should attend the interview?
    The interviewees must belong to the ScaleUp’s executive management team.
  1. What is the number of interviewees in the panel?
    At least TWO of the ScaleUp’s executive management team must attend each interview.
  1. How many interviews will be conducted? What is the structure of each interview?
    FOUR interviews will be conducted. Ideally the interviews will be face-to-face. The Capgemini Subject Matter Expert will lead the interview:
  • asking clarification questions on the self-declaration completed by the ScaleUp
  • asking a specific set of new questions to deep-dive in the topic discussed (People, Business, Technology or Privacy)