Intelligent automation in HR, supply chain, customer service, risk and compliance, and contract management

Digital Learning Operations – feeding the curiosities of the mind

Anjali Pendlebury Green, Global Head of the Digital Employee Practice, Capgemini’s Business Services

The more you invest in digital learning, the higher the uptake of reskilling programs, leading to a more switched-on, curious workforce, and real employee delight.


Digitally transforming the Capgemini Group’s travel and expenses function

Atul Kulshreshtha, Vice President, Capgemini’s Business Services

Our people can now submit, upload, and even approve documents on their mobile phones, eliminating the need for voluminous paper-based receipts.


Automating the supply chain – tangible benefits

Dharmendra Patwardhan, Global Head of the Digital Supply Chain Practice, Capgemini’s Business Services

Supply chain automation needs to be approached with focus, commitment to achieve scale, and with a long-term and enterprise-wide strategy.


– the solution to its own problem

Erwan Le Duff, Head of Odigo, Capgemini’s Business Services

Joined-up thinking in an increasingly joined-up world.


Voice-based chatbots – a revolution in customer relations

Thomas Saint-Hilaire, Vice President, Digital Platforms, Odigo, Capgemini’s Business Services

While phone is still the most important channel for customer service, voice-based chatbots represent the holy grail of customer service automation, enhancing customer experience to the latest digital standards and delivering a rapid return on investment.


How to leverage RPA in the source code review process

Gopichand Patibandla, Operations Manager, GRC Practice, Capgemini’s Business Services

RPA increases the speed and efficiency in identifying vulnerabilities in your web application source code.


Don’t expect your machines to walk before they can crawl

Mani Agarwal, Director, Head of Contract Compliance & Optimization, Capgemini’s Business Services

Are you struggling to teach your machine learning tools and becoming impatient with the results?


From stenotypes to machine learning – AI in contract management

Mani Agarwal, Director, Head of Contract Compliance & Optimization, Capgemini’s Business Services

Time has become the world’s most valuable commodity, and a little help from a friendly robot can go a very long way.


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