WNT-Fundamental impacts in Artificial Intelligence with a focus on ethics in AI!

Elter, a startup specialized in AI-based custom projects, will present his feedback about the launch of projects integrating AI with key accounts in banking and transport sectors.

These return of experiences will address the specificities and constraints of an AI project in terms of organizational design and production.

Based on its customer experience and its Perform AI group offer, Capgemini will present concrete implementations of AI to its customers.

They will share the fundamentals not to be underestimated such as cybersecurity, ethical impacts or taking into account regulatory constraints like GDPR.

“Very interesting and forward-looking event with a high business approach, which differentiates it from usual AI events where everyone is enthusiastic and lost too.” – Client at What’s Now Toulouse, December 5, 2019

Speakers Bio

Magaly Alonzo, Elter
Holder of a Master’s degree in neurosciences, Magaly Alonzo has studied memory in humans. She then became an architect and data scientist and is currently developing artificial intelligence solutions within Elter.


Thomas Anglo, Elter
Coming from a business management and technology background, Thomas Anglo is in charge of the development of Elter, which he co-founded with Jean-Charles Risch in 2017.



Sebastien Guibert, Capgemini
Sebastien Guibert heads the Capgemini French Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence (cross practices) with several partnerships including Microsoft, AWS, Google, Cloudera, Snowflake and startups like Saagie or Dataiku.