Focus on Intelligent Process Automation

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Shaping the future of business operations through intelligent automation

Interview with Adam Bujak, Global Head of the Intelligent Process Automation Offer, Capgemini

Innovation Nation talks to Adam Bujak about how our new Intelligent Process Automation offer can result in the emergence of a new, borderless, highly-automated client-centric organization that can optimize the way value creation is executed.



Building an augmented workforce through intelligent automation at scale

Intelligent Process Automation enables you to seek guidance on starting an automation journey, scale up operations, enjoy sustainable automation benefits, and pursue capability growth and innovation.



The difference one change can make

Carole Murphy, Global Head of the Finance Powered by Intelligent Automation Practice, Capgemini’s Business Services

Capgemini’s new Digital Global Enterprise Model is set to transform 21st-century business.



A short guide to demystifying intelligent automation

Marek Sowa, Intelligent Process Automation Expert, Capgemini’s Business Services

AI and automation are fast becoming mainstream, but does that mean we will all lose our jobs?



Intelligent Process Automation – practical interaction

Miroslaw Bartecki, Director, Capgemini’s Business Services

Voice assistant and text recognition will not only increase but also broaden out and embrace new areas of our clients’ operations.



Intelligent orchestration

Taoufik Amri, Principal, AI and Intelligent Automation, Capgemini’s Business Services

Designing human-in-the-loop processes can deliver better outcomes when implementing intelligent automation and artificial intelligence across an organization.



Digital transformation – long-term strategy vs. short-term need

Lee Beardmore, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Capgemini’s Business Services

Sometimes, businesses can’t afford to wait for the comprehensive benefits of large-scale and long-term digital transformation. They need solutions now – why shouldn’t they?



Smarter supply chainsSmart supply chains

Dharmendra Patwardhan, Global Head of the Digital Supply Chain Practice, Capgemini’s Business Services

Intelligent process automation can solve problems – and also create opportunities – in the supply chain.