Focus on Finance Powered by Intelligent Automation

The emergence of intelligent automation is giving finance teams access to more and faster information than ever before.

Carole Murphy

Reimagining Finance and Accounting

Carole Murphy, Head of Business Transformation Services, Business Services

Automation needn’t be a threat at all. In fact it can be a promise—especially when it’s intelligent automation and when it’s applied to finance and accounting.


John Willmott

The Application of Intelligent Automation to the Finance Function

John Willmott, CEO, NelsonHall

 John talks to Carole Murphy about how Capgemini’s new approach to intelligent automation is being applied to the F&A function.


Chris Stancombe

The CFO Challenge—Moving Finance Beyond a Cost Center

Christopher Stancombe

One of the KPIs that should be on a world-class CFO’s dashboard and must be delivered by a finance function is customer satisfaction. Why?


The Five Senses of Artificial Intelligence

Why humanizing automation is crucial to the transformation of your business.