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Dharmendra PatwardhanDigital Supply Chain – automation for agility

Interview with Dharmendra Patwardhan, Global Head of the Digital Supply Chain Practice, Capgemini

Innovation Nation talks to Dharmendra Patwardhan about how Capgemini’s Digital Supply Chain offer represents a unique and multifaceted supply chain solution that is delivering enhanced business outcomes and industry-first commitments around cash, cost, and service to our clients around the globe.


Digitizing the supply chainDigitization of the supply chain

With the pace of digital disruption ever increasing, organizations and their leaders today understand the criticality of supply chain digitization, but often lack direction and, as a result, fail to scale up effectively. Successful organizations have clear frameworks to identify the right digital initiatives that are aligned with their goals, learn fast from their pilot implementations, and will be determined and able to reach scale.


The demand planner of the futureThe demand planner of the future

Nilesh Kulkarni, Director, Digital Supply Chain Solutions, Capgemini’s Business Services

The Demand Planner 2.0 will have visibility across the end-to-end supply chain, and won’t be constrained by functional, process, or technology siloes.


The supply chain – the importance of dataChallenges in your supply chain? The answer lies in data

Abhishek Bikram, Singh Senior Consultant, Supply Chain Management, Capgemini’s Business Services

The efficiency of the supply chain is crucial not just to margins but to customer goodwill – and a great supply chain is built on great data.


Is your business ready for an order management system?Is your business ready for an order management system?

Abhishek Bikram, Singh Senior Consultant, Supply Chain Management, Capgemini’s Business Services

Before investing in an order management system, aim for a global process with minimal regional exceptions and embark on a process optimization journey.


Control towers – umbrella visibility for your supply chainControl towers – umbrella visibility for your supply chain

Jörg Junghanns, Vice President Europe – Digital Supply Chain, Capgemini’s Business Services

Delivering unmatched levels of transparency across your value chain, control towers can optimize your logistics operations, reduce emissions, and increase customer satisfaction


The digital supply chain and procurementThe digital supply chain and procurement

Greg Bateup, Head of Solutions and Transformation – Procurement, Capgemini’s Business Services

Implementing Capgemini’s D-GEM architecture and ESOAR methodology across your supply chain can deliver a much more streamlined, cost-effective, and responsive procurement system – as well as a higher overall quality of customer service.


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