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Dharmendra Patwardhan Frictionless pragmatism

Priya Ganesh, Senior Director, Capgemini’s Business Services

The need for clarity, utility, and flexibility of thinking are fundamental to creating the Frictionless Enterprise.

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Digitizing the supply chain

AI and ethics – seven steps to take

Lee Beardmore, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Capgemini’s Business Services

Seven easy to implement steps that should form part of the ethical development, deployment, and management of your AI systems.

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The demand planner of the futureThe secret ingredient to digital transformation

Magda Matell, Transformation Account Executive, Capgemini’s Business Services

With a little care, attention, and time, your digital transformation projects can go from being just okay to being something extra special.

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The supply chain – the importance of dataSAP S/4HANA and the digital twin

Sanket Solanki, Global SAP S/4HANA Transformation Lead, Business Transformation Director, Capgemini’s Business Services

As SAP plans to discontinue the mainstream maintenance of its existing ERP solutions by 2027, organizations are considering various methods in their transition to SAP S/4HANA®. A digital twin can simplify your S/4HANA transition.

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The supply chain – the importance of dataTouchless claims in P&C – evolving into an “inventive insurer”

Kanhiya Singh, Senior Solution Consultant, Capgemini’s Business Services

P&C insurers that develop and implement a future-ready touchless claims operating model leveraging intelligent automation, innovation, and right-shoring with customer service at its core will be considered true champions in adopting touchless claims.

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The supply chain – the importance of dataDigital twins – ensuring high ROI on costly supply chain transformations

Jorg Junghanns, Vice President Europe – Digital Supply Chain, Capgemini’s Business Services

The digital twin offers real change with minimal disruption through safe, secure, and digitallyisolated process modelling 24/7. This leads to increased transformation success without the stress and pressure that usually accompanies them.

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