Expert Insights

Priya GaneshIntroducing AI – simplifying the starting point

Priya Ganesh, Senior Director, Capgemini’s Business Services

When it comes to implementing AI, you need to walk before you can run.


Simplification and standardization – the recipe for digital success

Elle Sanchez Cardenas, Digital Transformation Manager, Capgemini’s Business Services

By taking stock of how their current processes work, organizations can save time and potentially create a smoother transformation as they update their automation processes.


Sanket SolankiThe evolving digital economy and next-generation operating models

Sanket Solanki, Senior Manager Finance Transformation, FPIA Consulting, Capgemini’s Business Services

As the digital economy continues to evolve, so too should the way businesses operate, in order to continue to drive value, enhance customer experience, and build sustainable business models.


Is your supply chain ready for disruption?

Nilesh Kulkarni, Director, Digital Supply Chain Solutions, Capgemini’s Business Services

How to prepare your digital supply chain for a resilient, frictionless future in the “new normal” of COVID-19.


Jörg JunghannsCOVID-19 and the supply chain

Jörg Junghanns, Vice President Europe – Digital Supply Chain, Capgemini’s Business Services

Until the world emerges from the pandemic, we won’t know what supply chain implications will be. The best we can do is be prepared with smart, flexible, and frictionless processes to adapt to whatever the new normal demands of us.



Mani AgarwalEffective contract management in the light of COVID-19

Mani Agarwal, Senior Director, Head of Contract Compliance & Optimization, Capgemini’s Business Services

Despite the fact that the majority of large contracts provide for force majeure and business continuity provisions, how can organizations protect their revenue and business interests?