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How machine learning is transforming finance operationsHow machine learning is transforming finance operations

Agnieszka Palonek, Manager, FPIA Consulting, Capgemini’s Business Services

Following three basic steps can help you build and implement a best-in-class machine learning solution that transforms your organization’s finance operations.


Transform your customer experience through leveraging design thinkingTransform your customer experience through leveraging design thinking

Guillermo Quiteno, Transformation Director, Capgemini’s Business Services

Capgemini’s D-GEM architecture and ESOAR methodology can help apply a design thinking approach to transforming your business operations.


Three ways blockchain is transforming order-to-cashThree ways blockchain is transforming order-to-cash

Caroline Schneider, Credit-to-Cash Global Process Owner, Capgemini’s Business Services

Blockchain has the potential to completely disrupt activities within the order-to-cash process.


Optimize your cash applications in five simple stepsOptimize your cash applications in five simple steps

Aleksandra Giera, Credit-to-Cash SME, Capgemini’s Business Services

With the right process and cash applications solution, customer payment behavior no longer needs to be a hurdle that results in manual cash applications issues.


Fast Close 2.0 – setting the foundation through digitalizationFast Close 2.0 – setting the foundation through digitalization

Daniel Biechele, Senior Manager, FPIA Consulting, Capgemini’s Business Services

Digital optimization of the financial close offers new opportunities to re-vitalize the “fast close” approach.


Intelligent automation – going beyond RPAIntelligent automation – going beyond RPA

Prasanna Velayudham, Senior Director, Capgemini’s Business Services

Intelligent automation is the art of applying AI to aid process transformation – and it is revolutionizing the world of automation.


Capgemini and Airbus – making a success of RPARe-usable RPA

Robert Kennedy, Global Head of Intelligent Automation Delivery, Capgemini’s Business Services

RPA tools built by key RPA developers and providers are the bedrock on which the intelligent enterprise is built. We’re working to ensure that they can be re-used beneficially and at scale.


Contracting for agile – best practicesContracting for agile – best practices

Mani Agarwal, Senior Director, Head of Contract Compliance & Optimization, Capgemini’s Business Services

How to mitigate the risks associated with the agile delivery approach when engaging an IT vendor.


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