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Is your finance function ready for the future?

Ajay Gupta, Nordic SSC Head, Capgemini

Strategic initiatives, combined with tangible people, process, and technology actions can help address and mitigate the challenges faced by CFOs.


The evolving role of the demand plannerThe evolving role of the demand planner

Jorg Jughanns, Vice President Europe – Digital Supply Chain, Capgemini’s Business Services

Growing demands and evolving technologies will enable planners to be more strategic and less transactional.



Supply chain management – the quiet revolution

Mike Meech, Sales Director – Supply Chain & Procurement, Capgemini’s Business Services

Supply chain management can move beyond functional improvement to deliver significant strategic and competitive advantage to an organization.



The supply chain – preparedness is everything

Greg Bateup, Head of Solutions and Transformation – Procurement, Capgemini’s Business Services

A business services partner can help you anticipate need, rather than simply to accept it.


Putting the customer in control of their financesPutting the customer in control of their finances

Geetha Jayaraman, Senior Manager, GRC Practice, Capgemini’s Business Services

Open Banking is giving users an easy and secure way to understand their finances.


Data analytics in contract managementData analytics in contract management – expectations from customers

Mani Agarwal, Director, Capgemini’s Business Services

Why data analytics in contract management is extremely important for organizations?


The impact of RPA and automation on technical debtThe impact of RPA and automation on technical debt

Prasanna Velayudham, Senior Director, Capgemini’s Business Services

Through lack of a proper testing suite, poor documentation, and improper version management, an increase in technical debt can quickly become a burden to the enterprise that spews out bots rapidly.


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