Expanding and streamlining F&A operations, simultaneously

Expanding and streamlining - Innovation Nation Special Edition quote - Praveen KamathRunning a multinational operation can be a challenge – even when your business is pleasure.

That was the case for this international luxury hotel and resort management company, which has a portfolio of scores of properties across just about every continent. In recent years, the company had launched a multi-destination luxury package, traveling by private, custom-fitted airliner. It was – and is – a big and busy enterprise, and it was looking to increase efficiency in its finance operations.

The challenge – expand, standardize, and centralize

The organization was already making use of a managed service model, and was now determined to expand and centralize these services so as to reduce its overall finance and accounting (F&A) costs and achieve a high degree of standardization across all its operating regions.

Areas of F&A that needed to be covered included procure-to-pay (P2P), income audits, payroll, contract management, general ledger reconciliation, automatic data processing (ADP) administration, and the operation of a platform based on salesforce.com.

The solution – fit-for-purpose service extension

It was important both to Capgemini and its client that the transition to an extended, enhanced, and frictionless F&A model should be on a plug-and-play basis from its very inception.

Capgemini’s general experience in the hospitality sector enabled us to tailor our approach to the circumstances of the case – and our experience of working with this organization in particular meant we were able to extend pricing models across regions so as to improve cost efficiency for our client as new properties entered the portfolio. Support was made available to each of these new properties from Day One. This was partly the result of expanding services at the delivery location for two of the key global regions so as to provide multi-lingual services.

An optical character recognition (OCR) solution and other new services were deployed across all regions to reduce costs and improve overall cycle times in invoicing and other areas.

Innovation at a glance - Expanding and streamlining F&A operations

The outcomes – going frictionless

As a result of the enhanced and extended services it is now receiving, our client organization is able to focus on its daily operations and on making new openings a success, leaving back-office F&A to its service provider. In turn, this has helped us deliver – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise, leading to:

  • New resort onboarding included tracking opening status, effective communication, managing exceptions and volumes
  • Improved productivity from Day One
  • Multi-lingual support from key locations
  • Restructured governance model, incorporating a client-specific Center of Excellence
  • Key performance indicators available as a best practice model for the client organization to consider in other areas of its operations
  • Significant financial benefits for the client organization and service provider alike.

Praveen Kamath manages the overall day-to-day operations, service, and customer interaction for this hospitality client.

Ashish Malhotra is the service delivery lead and global process owner for this hospitality client’s income audit process. Ashish is currently managing a new Hospitality customer.

Praveen Kamath, Senior Engagement Manager, Capgemini’s Business Services
Praveen Kamath
(Senior Engagement Manager, Capgemini’s Business Services)

Ashish Malhotra (Engagement Manager, Capgemini’s Business Services)
Ashish Malhotra (Engagement Manager, Capgemini’s Business Services)