Ethical AI sessions

Human Agency and Oversight in AI

Guest Speaker: Experts: 

Marie-Caroline Baerd

David Gruson

Paul Lomba

Renate Wolters

Director of the Sante Jouve Program,
Founder ETHIK-IA


AI not only brings technological challenges but also provides solutions to the same. Questions such as, “How can one ensure to keep the processes human-centered and to empower the human within the digital transformation AI brings in an organization?”

In this session, our experts will address the question of human agency and oversight in AI and how tools and operational processes can ensure that the governance remains in control.



Data Privacy in AI


Moderator: Experts:  

Valerie Perhirin

Mark Oost

Deepa Mamtani


Data Privacy—a citizen’s right to have control over their personal information that is collected and used—is an important requirement to meet in AI projects. Various countries have seen different data protection laws, like for example the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the EU.

In this session, our experts will showcase how data privacy can be fully embraced in the AI journey, without losing its benefits and efficiency.



Accountability and Transparency in AI

Moderator: Guest Speaker: Experts:

Sebastian Olbrich

Dr. Markus Schmitz

Yannick Martel

Chandrasekhar Balasubramanyam

Federal Employment Agency

AI always needs to be accountable and explainable to its stakeholders, to ensure mutual trust between all and an understanding of results. Especially when it comes to prescriptive analytics, being able to explain the AI’s suggestions is key to ensure trusted project results. In this session, our experts will highlight the criteria that make an AI accountable & explainable and showcase tools and operational set-ups to deploy for this goal.



Non-discrimination and Fairness in AI

Moderator: Guest Speaker: Experts:  

Isabelle Budor

Brandon Purcell

Neil Denton

Principal Analyst,
Forrester Research
The right to non-discrimination is an enshrined human right. With algorithmic decision-making processes replicating human biases, there is an increased threat to this particular right – which can be avoided by applying the right tools and frameworks to exclude, detect, and correct existing bias.

In this session, our experts will present how to chase any of the discrimination within AI projects to ensure fair tech and sustainable projects.