Establish an objective view of your enterprise-wide innovation capabilities

> level-setting, define your entry point and level of innovation maturity

Before setting in motion a mobilization plan for the future, you must first have clarity around your goals and your organization’s ability to innovate and to apply that innovation to scale. What are your ambitions and aspirations in the context of todays rapidly evolving world? Do you really have what it takes to be innovative beyond an incremental success? Only by understanding the enterprise landscape from several perspectives can you build a game plan that is both meaningful to your team and adaptable to your ever-evolving business and customer needs.

Capgemini uses its field-proven experience and a comprehensive set of verified questions—developed over many years with hundreds of engagements and stakeholders—to deliver our Enterprise Readiness assessment. We will define and translate your corporate capabilities relative to an innovation maturity curve. We do this through a detailed inventory of resources and processes and an analysis of your entire business and technology ecosystem, which can include many areas within your organization, not just the CIO. This results in a strategic roadmap, objectively identifying strengths and weaknesses, and next steps.

We do not shy away from a frank appraisal as it allows organizations to reflect honestly on their objectives, gaps, and potential opportunities.

The Enterprise Readiness assessment will help you compare your results against five core innovation criteria. With a lens to evaluate how strategy, investments, and innovation are applied, you can better decide how and when to move forward.