Elevate your Move-to-Cloud strategy

Move-to-Cloud is often limited because organizations don’t have a clear case for change, illustrating the potential scenarios and their related business case (incl.  qualitative and financial impacts). They face a fast-moving environment making decision a complex combination of security, technical, economic, operational and managerial decisions.

Yet they need a global view to set up their Cloud strategy so that they can assess its value with regards to their need for agility, flexibility and/or performance and to consolidate it in their overall digital transformation roadmap. Regarding the move-to-cloud strategy, discovering the full IT environment is essential.

eAPM collects specific attributes for cloud analysis through an import of all discovery data. By leveraging a combination of both applications and infrastructure data analysis, eAPM solution delivers a flexible and fact-based transformation plan with the ability to model a multi Cloud providers scenario integrating their respective pricing model to build the subsequent Business Case.

All discovery data is imported to eAPM solution, to deliver a full-stack view of the entire application portfolio, associated with a rules engine based on a decision tree designer. Calculation formulas may be set in order to contextualize a configurable decision tree and define each application’s target architecture according to its characteristics. Once the decision tree functions are run, the tool will assess the entire application portfolio against the logic in the tree and propose the right migration methodology and target environment for each app.