Difficult to make change

With all this great potential, the Capgemini Research Institute has identified that only 39% of organizations currently feel that they have the required capabilities to create digital success.

IT and business relationships are often still problematic; a far cry from the seamless symbiosis that is needed to infuse technology in all aspects of business change. IT and businesspeople may speak a very different language when it comes to technology and the way it can create value. This makes it hard to create compelling digital stories that are shared across the organization.

The IT function may be perceived as not evolving fast enough to allow it to meet the requirements of the business, let alone be an integral part of digital change making. Where IT is still organized in a traditional “demand and supply” way, encumbered by the complexity of legacy systems, it’s unlikely to be seen as the right partner for business to embrace the next generation of technologies for change.

And the gap may only widen, with the organization decisively aiming to leverage technology to fully achieve its raison d’être (whether it is in corporate sustainability, inclusion, diversity or any other “positive future”) and IT struggling more than ever to keep its systems secure, manageable, compliant and accessible – while trying to make sense of a surge in new technologies, trends and potential digital breakthroughs.