Design principles for Technology Business

A true Technology Business distinguishes itself through an open eye for technology, identifying and then filtering the technologies that best serve its corporate purpose. It does this through a shared language that both business and IT people understand, weaving together attractive digital narratives that never fail to mobilize the entire organization.

And there are other design principles to apply to any digital change activity, project, program, architecture or portfolio initiative. Used regularly and consistently as a checklist, they will help to stay on course of becoming a Technology Business:

  • Simplicity is a must for speed and agility, and it should be measured both in business and technical terms.
  • Organizations need to be ostensibly open – both internally and externally – and platforms and APIs make it happen.
  • A true symbiosis need not only to be established between business and IT, but also between the virtual and physical worlds, as the notion of “digital twins” expand far outside its original boundaries.
  • At the very core of everything, trust in business requires trust in technology.
  • An increased Corporate IQ is the result of combining human and artificial intelligence, plus the data assets it is based on.