Activate data at scale

Data, AI & Analytics for Intelligent Industry

Data is everywhere. How you leverage it at scale and speed to infuse intelligence along the industrial value chain requires a robust data strategy and modern analytics to inform business decisions. We bring ideas to life through new connected products and services.

Our connected world generates huge volumes of data. How do you transform it into actionable insights that inform product development, R&D, operations, and overall business decisions?

By activating this data at scale, we enable you to intelligently address business needs, from simulating design of new product features to powering efficient manufacturing operations. You can extend supply chain visibility and enable real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance of industrial assets.

We achieve this through a focused data strategy, data governance, and roadmap — starting from use cases to real-life data-driven products and services — developed by our machine learning engineers, designers, and technology experts. We leverage advanced analytics, green AI, and customized architecture, all with ethics at the core. Powered by strong onshore and offshore capabilities and global R&D centers, we accelerate and scale the delivery of innovative data-driven solutions.