Could a hacker steal the car? Could someone access and disable the car’s operating systems? Techno-savvy consumers are concerned about the cyber security of their vehicles.

As cars become more laden with technology, they become more vulnerable. So, it’s only natural that consumers would be worried about the cyber security of their cars. In fact, very few are not concerned about cyber security; nor are they opposed to surveillance.

Show and tell: Give customers information about data collection and use.

Car owners want to control the personal information; one-third want to select which data are collected, transmitted, and used. An additional 26% want to be informed in advance when these activities are performed by someone else. While they’re willing to share data, most consumers agree that they’d like more transparency, as well as more control in which data are collected, transmitted, and used.


People: the backbone of every innovation lab

Henk Vermeulen
We are building demonstrators of how these technologies have a practical application in a diverse array of business processes in weekly sprints.

On the ground with Agile

Singhania, Sunil
At Capgemini, we can meaningfully offer to start Agile onshore, then graduate to nearshore and offshore as clients’ confidence in the process grows.
change management

Digital culture – (en)rich companies and employees

Yvette Zzauer
How can companies transform themselves into a digital enterprise? Our study results and experience show that a transformation with an iterative change management approach is a crucial success factor.

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