Customer sessions driven by SAP

Learn how Lucid Motors takes technology-driven innovation to the next level.

Deliver groundbreaking technological innovation during challenging times. Discover how Lucid Motors ushered in a new era of luxury electric vehicles despite disruption. See how the company doubled in size, opened a factory, and revealed its first vehicle. Learn how SAP solutions support the current and future ambitions of this high-growth company.

Tyson Hutson, Sr Manager, Enterprise Systems, Lucid Motors

Kay Werner, Sr Dir – Americas, Automotive Industry Business Unit, SAP America (Palo Alto)

See How Capgemini Tapped an External Workforce to Thrive During Uncertainty.

Maintain business continuity during periods of uncertainty by gaining full visibility into your organization’s external workforce. Hear how Capgemini adjusted staffing levels to meet its clients’ needs, smoothly managed highly skilled external talent, and established a new normal during the pandemic using SAP Fieldglass solutions.

Elizabeth Hazzard, Director of Advocacy – EMEA/MEE, SAP Intelligent Spend & Business Network, Pittsburgh

Andreas Hettwer, Vice President – Group Procurement Category Director, Capgemini SE 

Discover the benefits of an intelligent water platform – Farys.

Learn how water companies use the cloud to provide people with clean and accessible water. Hear about an innovative cloud-based project built on the newest cloud solutions from SAP, such as the SAP Cloud for Energy solution, and find out how these solutions support a commonly shared platform used by three Flemish Water companies.

Catherine Tough, Chief Customer Officer, SAP Canada, SAP

Inge Opreel, CIO, Farys

Move Forward with a Next-Generation Supply Chain Powered by Blockchain – Excelerate.

Take advantage of the power of blockchain and real-time insights. See how SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP Blockchain Business Services helped Exelerate Energy enable its 26 logistics partners to update shipping-related information in the blockchain using handheld devices to deliver constant updates and visibility to Excelerate management.

Gaylyn Fox, Director – Supply Chain Management, Excelerate Energy

Carmel Gilmore, VP, NA SAP Practice Leader, Capgemini SE

Elfije Lemaitre, VP, Energy, Utilities, & Chemicals Business Unit, Capgemini