Creating a digital strategy approach for success

Innovation-Nation-Special-Edition_quote digital strategy approach for successIt can be difficult to stand out in a crowd, and when the occasion is one of the world’s greatest business technology events, it’s a special challenge.

The occasion in question was SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW, which is widely regarded as a flagship event. In the pre-COVID world of May 2019, it took place in Orlando, Florida – and our client, a leading business services provider and alliance partner of SAP, wanted to ensure its voice was heard as it launched a major solution for the SAP S/4HANA platform.

The challenge – to achieve both quality and quantity

The aim for marketing campaigns is often to generate leads of quality as much as of quantity, and that was the proposition addressed in this instance by Capgemini’s Marketing and Creative Services (MACS) team, working closely with the client: the Capgemini’s GSIP Marketing team.

The key objectives were to create a buzz before, during, and after the event, to generate views of two landing pages, and in particular to drive traffic to those marketing assets that would meet this qualitative brief.

The solution – an extensive, interlinked, and creative marketing program

The MACS team worked closely with the client’s team on partner themes, and on supporting Tier 1 campaigns and events.

The client’s team organized a coordinated series of events, under two main headers: Marketshare and Mindshare.

Marketshare activities included the scheduling of 144 meetings with clients and executives; a series of customer networking events; a program of VR journeys, demos, and formal and informal conversations at the SAPPHIRE NOW event; the creation of videos featuring major SAP customers; and the organization of sector-specific sponsored events.

Mindshare activities included the launch of the SAP S/4HANA solution; ten major customer sessions; two Partner booth sessions; a substantial and striking booth design, with prominent themed branding both on the stand and elsewhere at the venue; a digital media campaign that included ads, podcasts, promotional videos, and Twitter videos featuring senior company representatives; a public relations campaign; and a sequence of related Women in Technology events.

The MACS team also worked with this team and with the analytics and campaigns teams and with the Social Content Studio to drive the social media campaign for the SAPPHIRE NOW program. These included the launch of Digital Core, the launch of a digital content calendar with SAP’s own Center of Excellence, and the development of a portfolio of assets including a dedicated landing page, blog posts, and mailers.

Event attendees were trained beforehand on how to turn social media to best advantage. Similarly, the metrics, objectives and challenges of the campaign were used to develop a Digital Innovation Strategy. Marketing partners were supported with a social media plan that included tags specific to SAP, which enabled the MACS team to track stats specific to individual partners. A database of content such as blogs and social media messages was also created for country marketing managers to leverage in their local campaigns.

When the entire event was over, a webinar was hosted that featured key SAP experts, who talked about their campaign experiences, and about the results that had been achieved. This, together with the results of the campaign, has helped to make the entire initiative a benchmark for similar high-profile industry events.

digital strategy approach Innovation-at-a-glance

The outcomes

The collaboration with teams across the Capgemini Group and support from the MACS team on the digital strategy, together with on-ground efforts such as client meetings, advertising, and digital efforts, led to:

  • Substantial number of business meetings scheduled
  • Digital statistics of success include:
    • Almost 40,000 page views – the highest for any of the client’s campaigns in 2019
    • Twitter reach – 10.2 million
    • LinkedIn reach – 150.6 million
    • Over 1,300 podcast listens
    • Over 1,000 blog views
  • Reached accounts and prospects in major target sectors, including manufacturing, automotive, retail, financial services, and consumer products

Developed jointly with the client, the digital strategy contributed to the overall aim of helping to  increase awareness and drive new business opportunities. This SAP Partner campaign is now considered as a benchmark for other events and Tier 1 campaigns.

Teamwork is the key to every big success. Nothing would have been achieved without the commitment of our people to the common, greater goal. Everyone is grateful to all the individuals and teams across content, analytics, design, campaigns, as well as the SAPPHIRE NOW team – for their effort and hard work in driving the social media and digital strategy for the SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 event.

Pallavi Rangavajhala is a digital and social media specialist with over 12 years of experience in managing a plethora of top Indian and international brands. Pallavi works in Capgemini MACS social advocacy-expert connect team to support the growth ambition of the Capgemini Group and its clients.

Ruth Peters is Marketing Director at Capgemini for SAP Alliance, with more than 15 years’ experience within fast-paced international environments in the IT services industry and management consultancy marketing. She brings substantial networking, client-facing and operational skills to her role, which entails working in high-pressured environments with clients and colleagues alike to drive business expansion and deliver excellence.

Pallavi Rangavajhala
Pallavi Rangavajhala (Digital and Social Media Specialist)

Ruth Peters
Ruth Peters (Marketing Director at Capgemini for SAP Alliance)