With the speed at which next-generation technologies are being tested and deployed, blockchain is a leading contender to become a viable solution across a range of business challenges. The impact and potential outcomes are huge. In short, blockchain could help organizations to:

  • Focus employee time and effort in providing other value-added services
  • Dramatically increase cash flow and working capital
  • Significantly reduce infrastructure costs
  • Implement new structure and job requirements.

Organizations should consider the opportunity that innovative and disruptive technologies such as blockchain represent in overcoming their business challenges – both now and in the future.


About the author

Sreerag Narayanan is a transformation consultant for Capgemini’s APAC FPIA Consulting team. With over nine years of experience with functional knowledge of order-to-cash processes, Sreerag has participated and individually led Digital Global Enterprise Model (D-GEM) assessments and other ESOAR workshops for various client