Conclusion—every step matters

Conclusion—every step matters

Transformations are a journey, not a single destination

Throughout every transformation journey, we seek to be our clients’ guides. They help us set the destination, and we help them walk the route. But when we see our customers getting just as excited for the next leg of the journey, it’s because they see that digital transformation is not only possible, but also profitable.

Not every client or organization is in a place where they can jump into a large-scale global transformation with both feet. The stories in this document reveal the importance of rolling out a digital transformation methodology through a series of small steps along the journey to a larger transformation. Being able to prove, at every stage of the journey, that the transformation is going to plan is crucial. Once the business case has been verified, and a client’s trust has been earned, the teams often have a greater opportunity to be involved in larger projects and efforts from the beginning, which enables us to deliver greater value in a more integrated way.

Partnership is a key aspect of a successful transformation. It gives the BPO teams the freedom to think big with regards to transformation, and to propose wide-reaching process transformation. It also gives clients the guarantee that their Business Services’ teams will always give them their best—and most honest answer.

As the Capgemini teams can attest, their transformation journeys are far from over. Once a cost or productivity benchmark has been met, the bar is immediately raised. There’s no such thing as “sitting still” in Business Services.

What stands out for me amongst these stories is the importance of aligning our transformation model with our clients immediate, and longer term, goals right at the beginning of every engagement. Having an agreed roadmap in place, which our clients’ stakeholders are on board with, gives us a platform for growth, innovation and continuous improvement.

It’s when all these early steps come together, when we get to look back at how far we’ve come, that the next leg of our journey looks that much easier.

Where do you go from here?

To learn more about how Capgemini could apply digital transformation to your business contact:

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