Cloud automation podcasts

Technology journalist,  Charlotte Jee, and cloud experts from Capgemini discuss the key technology challenges faced by CIOs in their cloud journey.

Created in partnership with CIO from IDG, this podcast series focuses on key cloud automation topics: How to transform your organization for DevOps, the tools needed to achieve it, and its impact on jobs. Is your IT fast enough or is legacy IT your slowest common denominator, are cloud-native companies more successful, and what is the future: DevOps or ‘NoOps’?

Episode 1: What tools do you need to achieve your DevOps ambitions?

Find out how organizations can get started with their DevOps initiative – from process to people and technology

Episode 2: Is your DevOps strategy putting jobs at risk?

Is DevOps killing jobs or simply changing them and how will it impact the training and reskilling of resources?

Episode 3: How do you transform your organization for DevOps?

Learn about the key ingredients required to develop a good DevOps strategy – vision, leadership, communication, collaboration and most of all, a great deal of persistence

Episode 4: DevOps or ‘NoOps’: Which is the future?

Explore whether companies should be preparing to go beyond DevOps and adopt NoOps methodology

Episode 5: Born-in-the-cloud vs established companies: Who is best set for success?

Cloud-native organizations can move from concept to reality in minutes. Find out how established ‘legacy’ companies fare in comparison.

Episode 6: Is your IT fast enough?

Does your IT have what it takes to support and drive innovation?

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