Clients working with a ScaleUp FAQ’s

  1. What is the purpose of the feedback that Large corporate will be asked to provide on their relationship with the ScaleUp?
    Under the ScaleUp Qualification Program, Capgemini will provide a 360-degree view of the ScaleUp being assessed. To assess the “client satisfaction”, a portion of the overall score is allocated to feedback obtained from the clients of these ScaleUps.
  1. Who will have access to the feedback that I provide?
    The feedback will be used to evaluate the client satisfaction for the ScaleUp and it will only be accessible by Capgemini’s experts.
  1. How much impact will my feedback have on the ScaleUp’s future business prospects?
    Client feedback is one of the components in the process. The methodology adopted during the qualification process ensures that the different components provide a comprehensive view of the ScaleUp cumulatively. Thus, comprehensive client feedback is extremely important as it will avoid inaccurate representation of the ScaleUp and enhance collaboration opportunities.
  1. What is the percentage weightage of my feedback in the scoring algorithm?
    Capgemini conducts most of the assessment by web-scraping or one-on-one interviews with the ScaleUp employees. Apart from this, a portion of the scoring is allocated to the feedback obtained from the clients of the ScaleUps. The exact weights allocated to different components are not revealed to the feedback provider.