AI for SDGs sessions


Moderator: Guest Speaker: Experts:

Vincent de Montalivet

Sugu Thuraisamy

Hartvig Johannson

Joakim Wahlqvist

Sandrine Daniel

Delphine Nobileau


The vast majority of sustainable development goals are focusing on the environment, either directly or indirectly, with tremendous potential for AI and Data.

In this session, our experts will share their view on how AI can support the effort for a better Earth, whether it is for the assessment of pollution dynamics in oceans or the identification of garbage in a city’s streets.




AI for Food and Zero Hunger

Moderator: Experts:

Cinzia Giulietti

Marijn Markus

Adithyan Natarajan

Gulbige Metin

Christian Nguyen


Far from being eradicated, the problem of hunger in the world is sadly even increasing – with current estimates showing that nearly 690 million people are hungry, or 8.9 % of the world’s population is hungry.

In this session, our experts will showcase how leveraging AI can put this worldwide issue to a rest, providing examples and use cases where technology has proved to be a change maker.





Moderator: Guest Speaker: Experts:

Moez Draief

Ute Klarmann-Schulz

Eldar Sultanow

Virginie Lam

Group Leader, Institute for Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology

Diagnostic medicine, prediction of the spread of diseases, and the advent of new ones are essential dimensions for saving millions of lives; all these can be enhanced by the use of AI. With a direct focus on the SDG 3, this session will shed light on how AI supports humans in building a healthier world.




AI for Peace and Information

Moderator: Guest Speaker: Experts:

Emmanuelle Brodard

Jean-Matthieu Tilquin

Albert Pritzkau

Gianfranco Cecconi

VP Data Consulting,
Data Scientist for Strategic Communication,

Fake News and misinformation is considered a real threat to democracy in the 21st century. An informed citizen is essential for a functioning democracy, and misinformation threatens this extensively.

In this session, our experts will show how AI and the right governance of data can help to build a strong information environment – and to track and identify information dysfunctionalities.





Moderator: Experts:

Dalia Bahous

Steven Jongerden

Marije Merckens

Guillaume Gerard


Quality education is key to societies’ sustainability – and must be served equally and for all. The SDG 4 clearly establishes the need for inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all.

In this session, our experts will explore various possibilities to leverage AI in order to accompany students and pupils throughout their educational pathway.





Moderator: Guest Speaker: Experts:

Dave Da Silva

Gregor Strojin


Richard Beet

Enguerrand Préval

Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI) at the Council of Europe

Peace, justice, and strong institutions are crucial pillars of our society – which SDG 16 exclusively focuses on. Whether it is to help the citizen get insights in the complex world of justice or fighting criminal behavior, technology can be a key support.

In this session, our experts will highlight these AI potentials for a better justice system.