About the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification Program

  1. What is the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification Program?
    The Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification is a comprehensive four-step process, evaluating a ScaleUp’s ability and maturity to partner with large corporates.
  1. What is the purpose of the ScaleUp Qualification Program?
    The ScaleUp Qualification Program provides a 360-degree view of the ScaleUp by evaluating it on four pillars – People, Finance, Business, and Technology; Qualified ScaleUps are classified under one of four levels – Advanced, Intermediate, Emerging, or Promising. This provides visibility to large corporates on the maturity level of a ScaleUp to best serve its business needs.
  1. How can large corporates be registered for the ScaleUp Qualification Program?
    Large corporates looking to partner with ScaleUps can register on the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification portal to access the qualified database of ScaleUps. The portal supports searches based on keywords which can be used to identify the ScaleUps across geographies, maturity and business activities.
  1. What is a ScaleUp? When does a StartUp qualify to be a ScaleUp?
    ScaleUps, in simple words, are matured startups. The basic requirements for a startup to qualify as a ScaleUp are:
  • It has raised more than 1,000,000 EUR/USD/GBP
  • It has full-time employed management
  • It has business traction generating sustainable sales (generated revenue over €200000 and can sustain services to its clients)
  1. What are the various levels of qualification? What are the scores required for each level?
    There are 4 levels of qualification: Promising, Emerging Intermediate and Advanced
    The overall scores required for each of these levels are as follows:
  • Promising: 21 to 50 points
  • Emerging: 51 to 70 points
  • Intermediate: 71 to 90 points
  • Advanced: 91 to 100 points

          ScaleUps obtaining a score of up to 20 points, will not obtain the Capgemini Qualification

  1. What does each qualification level signify?
    The qualification levels indicate a ScaleUp’s maturity stage and its readiness to collaborate with large Corporates. A brief description of each level is as follows:
    Promising ScaleUp:
    A “Promising ScaleUp” displays early signs of stable business growth. The ScaleUp is yet in early stage of maturity and as such is more flexible for adaptation to large corporate specific needs. The ScaleUp has yet some gaps across the four pillars (People, Finance, Business, and Technology) that need to be filled to increase its credibility and thus maximize its likelihood for a successful collaboration with large corporate entities.

    Emerging ScaleUp:
    An “Emerging ScaleUp” is scaling well its business and is on the right track for successful collaboration with large corporate entities. Through the Qualification process, Capgemini has identified areas of improvement that the ScaleUp needs to focus on to improve its credibility and to maximize its likelihood for a successful collaboration with large corporate entities.

    Intermediate ScaleUp:
    An “Intermediate ScaleUp” has already attained a good level of credibility. The ScaleUp displays consistency across all the pillars and has the potential to become an “Advanced ScaleUp” by reinforcing its capabilities in certain identified areas. The ScaleUp has the right people, good finance indicators, early traction, and scalable technology for a successful collaboration with large corporate entities.

    Advanced ScaleUp:
    An “Advanced ScaleUp” implies that it has received an excellent score across all the four pillars (People, Finance, Business, and Technology). The ScaleUp has demonstrated high potential for innovation, revenue generation, and sustainable business growth throughout all the steps of the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification process. This ScaleUp is among the most qualified candidates for a successful collaboration with large corporate entities.