1:1 customer engagement – October 7, 2020

Built for change – Adapting quickly to a rapidly changing world


Katie Hawkins – Engagement Manager

Tim Sandkuhler – Account Executive

The pandemic has turned businesses upside down. Customer service has never been so important, yet today’s reality means that call centers are understaffed, wait times are long, and churn is way up. Capgemini addressed these hurdles with a leading media client by providing it with the ability to switch over to pre-built offers on the fly. This meant accelerating integrations with the client’s IVR system to allow thousands of customers to receive and accept retention offers while on the phone, freeing the limited number of call-center agents to address the highest-priority issues. The success of this approach has given the client new ways to use Pega Customer Decision Hub™ to implement next-best-action programs and drive success in the near future!

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